Reno Formula One Category

Here are some of my photos of aircraft focusing on the Formula One category. This category had a real international flavor among participating pilots. With the pylon access I had at Reno, this was by far my most photographed class of aircraft.

My favorite photo from the entire event was taken as Jason Barksdale, Phillip Goforth, and Paul Newman round Pylon 5 Inner



Scott Holmes of Edmonton AL flew C-FCZM, “Outlaw”, a Cassutt III-M


Justin Meaders won the Forumla One Gold Category in N34XM, his Snoshoo SR-1 “Limitless”


N8EW, “The Kraken”, is a Western Air Racing flown by Ross Killin of Melbourne, Australia.


N9XR, “Sonic Zoom”, is Joseph Clark’s Cassutt III-M


Merse Marti of Barcelona flew N10X, Cassutt III-M “Heat Stroke”


N12SG, “ACME Special” is a Cassutt III-M flown by Jason Barksdale


Matthew Coughin of Berry, NSW flew “Judy”, N44JW, a Formula 1


N52J is Steve Tumlin’s Cassutt, “Fiesty”


“Miss Eve”, N55XJ, is Cassutt II-M flown by Anders Trygg from Sweden


N197 is a Cassutt III-M named “Sleeper”, flown by Justin Phillipson


Lowell Slatter flew a Gilbert DG2, N390DG, “Fraed Naught”


Lio V. Mougel came from Bangkok, Thailand to fly “Hysteria”, a GR-7 Panther, N687RB


N2020J, “Pooder”, another Cassutt M-111 flown by Steve Temple from Guam


Another Cassutt III-M, “Sassy Sangoma”, N5846, was flown by British pilot Rob Michie.


N6291N is Ryszard Zadow’s Cassutt “Last Lap Player”


Paul Newman flew “Fast and Easy”, another Cassutt III-M, N6439T


N6978 is yet another Cassutt III-M, “Once More”, flown by Kent Jackson.


“Annie”, N45889, is Phillip Goforth’s Cassutt III-M


Jason Barksdale (72) pulls in front of Phillip Goforth (17)


Phillip Goforth (17), Kent Jackson (27), and Scott Holmes (9)


Joseph Clark (58) and Paul Newman (26)


Rob Michie (46), Ryszard Zadow (15), and Kent Jackson (27)

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