Reno Sport Category

Here are some of my photos of aircraft focusing on the Sport category

“Yellow Fever” is Thomas Ishii’s Lancair 360, N11ZY


N542JV is Matt Beaubien’s RV-4 “Low Motion”

Beaubien is running neck-and-neck with Thomas Ishii


Vince Walker’s Lancair Legacy L2K. N41VR, “Modo Mio..


Ernie Sutter is “Jus Pass’n Thru” in Lancair Legacy N66EL


Meanwhile, Pete Zaccagnino’s Lancair Super Legacy, N105PZ, was “Coming in Hot”


Andrew Findlay was the surprise winner of the Sport Category in his Lancair Super Legacy, N115YP, “One Moment”


“Race 39”, Super Glasair III, N123AJ was flown by the reigning champ, Jeff LaVelle


Oliver Langeard flew the only TB30 Epsilon in the Race, N130KL “Zebulon”


N151CR, “Clas Thunder 1”, flown by Mathias Haid, was one of two Thunder Mustangs racing in the Sports Category

The other Thunder Mustang was “Swiss Thunder”, N167BP, flown by Peter Balmer


N158CF,”Taylor Maid” is Cheryl Frederick’s F-1 Rocket


“Sport36”, N164Q, is Paul Downing’s colorful Lancair Legacy 320


“GA 1”, Lancair Legacy RG, is N181KG flown by Karl Grove


My buddy Abe Gaskins flew “Underdog”, N272AG, a Lancair Legacy


Jon Flanagan’s Glasair II-S, N317RM, “Greenstreak”.


Lancair Legacy 320 N320HM, “Tenacity”, flown by Mark Frederickson


N385AS, “Havoc”, is Sean VanHatten’s Lancair Legacy


David Robinson’s Lancair Legacy L2K, “Desert Lightning”, N386DM.


N390WT, “Whisky Tango” Dan West’s RV-8


“General Lee”, N401GL, Lee Ulrich’s RV-7


Jim Rust flew N430R, “Race 24”, Glasair SH-3R


N477CM, Bob Mills’ Super Glasair III, “Mojo”


Dave Morss flew his Morse 320, N499DM “Martin’s Legacy”


Along with flying in the Jet category, Vicky Benzing flew Lancair Legacy N588S “Lucky Girl”


“Miss Ruby S”, N808SJ, is Skylor Piper’s RV-8

Piper and Paul Doning round Pylon 8


Neil Wischer’s RV-8 “Triple Eight” N888RX


F-1 Rocket “Phantom Rocket” N2691B is flown by Scott Prewitt

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