Reno Jets

I was particularly interested in the Jet category, since I know several of the pilots.


“The Devil’s Own,” the 96th Bomb Squadron “Red Devils” CO’s B-52H (60-059), makes a low “gear down” pass on Thursday.


00-221 (00221), F-16C performs several flybys on Friday


Nathan Harnagel rounds the turn in his L-39C, “Reality Czech”, N139UK.


N139PJ, “Race 37” is Alexandre Eckmann’s L-39. The bottom photo was taken on the morning of the 14th, just before he made contact with Harnagel’s plane


Nathan Harnagel and Alexandre Eckmann came very close to trading paint is this photo. Half a lap later, they did. While both planes were damaged, both pilots managed to land safely.


“Sluggo”, N50DG, is an L-29 flown by Joe Gano.


The Jet Gold Class winner was Mike Steiger in L-39 “American Spirit”, N139BJ


“Dash Force One” was probably the most easily identifiable L-39C on the field. N139LS was flown by Scott Farnsworth.


Arguably the most colorful L-39C at Reno was “Robin 1”, N139RM, flown by Jeff Turney


Pete Zaccagnino’s L-29 “Just Lucky”, N179EP


Honda Jet N422KT (msn 42000071) performed some demonstrations during the week


Pete Stavrides flew “American Patriot”, L-39 N544RC


L-39 “Athena”, N656DT, was flown by Bob McCormack


N757SF, “Darkstar II”. Is an L-39 flown by Vicky Benzing


N900HT, Embraer Phenom 300 (msn 50500061) was the pace plane for the jet heats

“Sarance”, N995X, is Larry Labriola’s L-39C


“Pokey”, NX81637, is an L-29 flown by James Beyer


NX39MX, “Invictus”, is Zach McNeill’s L-39C


The Planes of Fame Air Museum’s CT-133, NX377JP, was used as the pace plane for the Unlimited Class


VH-IJY, “Blue Ice” is Charlie Camilleri’s L-39C, which comes from Australia


Another jet from Down Under is VH-XET, L-29 “Miss Independence”, flown by Kevin Roll



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