Reno T-6s

There are enough T-6/SNJ entries that they have been given their own category at Reno.

John Lomar flew his SN J-5 “Radial Velocity” (N3272G) to a first-place finish

N127VF, “Miss TNT”, was an AT-6C flown by Eric Woebling

Ralph Rina flew T-6G “Miss Humboldt Hunny” (N158JZ)


“Baby Boomer” was an AT-6 (N604R) flown by Gene McNeely

Mike Pfleger was extremely busy, flying both P-51D “Lady B” and AT-6C “Miss Informed” N620AC

David Vanhoy flies N717UP, a T-6G used as a pace plane

“Bare Essentials”, N1465, is a Harvard Mark IV flown by Chris LaFave

Chris LaFave and Mike Pfleger compete for position,


N2897G, “Six Cat” is Nick Macy’s T-6G

T-6G, N2983, was used as the second pace plane for the T-6 races

N3171P, AT-6D, is “Midnight Miss III”, flown by Dennis Buehn

“Eros” is AT-6D N3173L, flown by Lee Oman

Greg McNeely flies “Undecided”, T-6G N4269Q

“Abracadabra” is N4763, AT-6C, flown by Vitaly Pecherskyy, in RCAF markings.

N5199V, “Gotcha”, is Pete Stavrides’ SNJ-5

SNJ-5,N7296C, “Miss Ellaneous”, flown by Bill Muszala

“Big Red” is an SNJ-4, N7404C, flown by William Walker


N57418,”Baron’s Revenge” is Chris Rushing’s AT-6B

John Lomar leads Chris Rushing coming around Pylon 8

Ralph Rina leads a pack of T-6s

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