Reno biplanes

This year, I attended the Reno Air Races for the first time. It was a real thrill to be out by Pylon 5 Inner as the biplanes came ripping around, heading for home.


Robert Austen in Christen Eagle C-FRKY, “FReaKY”


Tommy Suell’s Christen Eagle N22XS, “PlaneJunkies”


Scott McDonald rounds the pylon in N24AL, “Christen Eagle”


N24TG, “The Yellow Bomber”, is Kevin Harper’s Pitts S-1S


“Black Hawk” is Anthony Oshinuga’s Pitts S-1S, N45SS


N101HR is “The Batplane”, Casey Erickson’s Pitts S-1S


Tony Higa flies “Tango Tango,” Pitts S-1S N180TT


Miss Diane is a Pitts S-1S, N230MP, flown by Jeffrey Lo.


“RB Special” is a Pitts S-1S, N515JD belonging to John D’Alessandris


David Roelofs flies “Purse Snatcher”, N720CB, a Pitts S-1


“Yellow Fever” is Eric Zane’s distinctive yellow Pitts S-1S, N767JW


N801MS is Alan Hoover’s Pitts S-1, “There Be Dragons”


Pitts S-1C, N966ES, is named “Second Hand” by owner Scott Thomson


My buddy Sam Swift rounds Pylon 5 Inner in his Pitts S-LHN, “Smokin’ Hot”, N2986G.



Biplane Action at Pylon 5 Inner



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