Reno Air Races – Tuesday

What a thrill to be able to check off one more item on my bucket list: the Reno Air Races! I’ve never been, but certainly wanted to. So when I applied for, and was awarded, media credentials for the event, I was elated! And here I am.

I arrived at Reno on Tuesday afternoon and headed up to the Reno/Stead Airport (RTS) to get checked in and receive my marching orders. After hitting the Media Check-in Center, I hung out with Abe Gaskins for a few minutes before making my way out to the media stand by the runway. It was fairly late in the day but I did manage a few photos before the end of practice.

Race 3 (N63SF) is a Hawker Sea Fury TMK20 flown by Dennis Sanders


Jeff Turney’s L-39C, Race 54, (N139RM) was among the most colorful of the jets out on the course


Here is Brent Hisey’s P-51D, “Miss America”, N991R, Race 11


My buddy Larry Labriola took his L-39C Race 7 (N995X) for a spin around the block.


Race 62 (NL151BP) is a red-tail P-51D belonging to Mark Moodie


Wee Willy is P-51D NL7715C


Appropriately numbered Race 63 is NX163BP, P-63C Kingcobra, flown by Jim Dale


Race 32 (NX39MX) is Zach McNeill’s L-39C Invictus.


VH-XET is Race 61, Kevin Roll’s L-29 Miss Independence


I’m looking forward to much more photography, and meeting and greeting, on Wednesday

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