030 – Dubai 2009 – Part 2

             There were plenty of interesting planes at DXB. It’s hard for me to believe that this was just nine years ago. I was in hog heaven.

IN 2009, Pakistan International Airlines was still sporting its variety of tail colors, and the A310 was still the mainstay of its long-haul fleet.

Pakistan International Airways was just beginning to add Boeing 777-300s.


Karachi-based Shaheen Air International is Pakistan’s second-largest airline.


Aramavia operated a small fleet of Airbusses into DXB.


Iran was represented by several airlines covering an entire spectrum of aircraft.

Iran Aseman Airlines operated a variety of aircraft types into DXB, including the Fokker 100…

and the ATR-72

 Caspian Airlines operated TU-54Ms to DXB

  Yas Air was probably the most colorful of the Iranian airlines, as illustrated by one of its IL-76TDs.

Iran Air flew its 747 freighter into DXB along with its all-cargo A300

 Kish Air flew Fokker 50s in and out of DXB all day long

Fars Air Qeshm flew one of the more interesting airliners into Dubai, the Yak 42D.

Taban Air was another TU-154M operator based in Iran.


Asia Airways showed up with its AN-12.


Global Supply Systems operates a small fleet of Boeing 747 freighters, several of which had been flown in British Airways colors.


Saudia flew just about every aircraft type in its fleet into DXB, including its Embraer 170 and McDonnell-Douglas MD-90


Royal Falcon Air Services operated this single ex-Air Canada Boeing 767-233


Conquistador Helo Services, operating on behalf of Evergreen, brought this Sikorski S-92A demonstrator


Middle East Airlines flew this A320 between Dubai and Beirut


Kazakhstan-based Airlines 400 showed up with this IL-76


Azerbaijan Airlines Boeing 757 in the carrier’s old colors.


Airbus brought this NasJet ACJ-318 as a demonstrator for the show.


Air-India Express ran flights in and out all day with its fleet of Boeing 737-800s.


Indian Airlines was the only airline to utilize the option offered by Airbus of the four-wheel main landing gear. I have to wonder why Airbus did not offer this option when it was designing the “neo” line of narrow-body airliners,


Safi Airways began flying between Kabul and Dubai in 2007 using a single 737-300, YA-HSB.


Pamir Airways was another new airline from Afghanistan. The carrier used this ex-Delta Boeing 737-200


Al Naser Wings flew this ex-Piedmont Airlines 737-200 between Baghdad and Dubai.

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