022 – All Red Star Photographed from the Ground

While it’s always special to take air-to-air photos at these events, it’s impossible to catch every plane. Still, there were plenty of interesting and colorful airplanes at All Red Star. Of course, Mark Peterson’s P-51 was the de facto star of the show.


There was one non-warbird transient helicopter worth photographing


Speaking of helicopters, Mike Quataker had a rare Bell-47J at KPTV


One of the best-looking planes at All Red Star was Todd McCutchan’s handsome T-34.


There were a good number of T-34s at ARS, including John “Flipper” Flippen’s yellow Mentor.

At the beginning of the bombing contest, Flipper found a way to get everyone’s attention!


Mike “Donut” Hohls brought one of the two orange-and-white T-34s at ARS.



Mike Reirdon brought the other orange-and-white Mentor.


All Red Star attracted quite a variety of colorful Nanchangs.


There were several Yak 50s at ARS, including these two


There was only one Yak 52 at All Red Star, but it was a beauty!



General aviation aircraft were also welcome and encouraged to participte.


The winner of the bombing contest was close enough to NAFOD that a) I understood how he got his call sign, and b) he darn near spilled his beer!




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